Travel-Awards.Org represents the global sector of Travel & Tourism, with a mission to recognise and award the best hospitality practices.

Global Awards

Travel-Awards.Org with headquarters in Spain and teams based across the world has the main goal to promote and award the best hospitality around the world with global ratings toward more sustainable private & public Travel & Tourism sector.

Travel Awards International Advisory Board of Directors, a uniquely influential group from private and public travel sector ...  Learn more

Global Rating Guideline

Professional Judges

Voting Process


Public Vote: 1 vote = 1 point (Free of charge.)
Nomination Only Fee: 1 vote = 5 points
Regional Membership: 1 vote = 10 points
Global Membership: 1 vote = 100 points
Executive Membership: 1 vote = 500 points

Judges: score 1 - 10 ( 1 x 10.000 points)

Nominated 9 judges panel are selected and approved by Travel-Awards.Org Board of Directors.
Judges are not aware of members and public votes at the time of voting.

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